36 months of cooperation around the atomic clock through main events.

Date Event Location Info
2015-10-14 36th month meeting Organized by Dermoscan Partner Presse Club Regensburg Ludwigstrasse 6 93047 Regensburg please for further information read the file here included social diner 13 october
2015-03-24 2nd Review Meeting with new panel of experts Brussels
2015-01-13 24th month meeting Traiteur Thierry Garny ZI La Louvière - 2 Route de Besançon
2014-09-29 Visit of the French Prime Minister BESANCON
2014-09-05 Best Poster Award Taiwan- NTHU 31th August-5th Spetember 2014
2014-06-30 First Review Meeting European Commission, DG CONNECT Avenue de Beaulieu 25, (BU25 0/S9), 1160 Brussels, Belgium definitive agenda- practical information in the file
2014-06-24 Mid term project meeting Chemnitz- Germany organized by Partner 4 Franhofer 1st day mid-term project meeting, 2nd day preparation of review meeting
2014-01-08 Design Meeting Lab.Optique P.M Duffieux UFR Sciences & Techniques Salle 45-B 16 route de Gray Besancon Preliminary Agenda - participants list not yet finalized.
2013-11-26 12th month meeting with PMB+GA at CSEM (Zurich) scheduling and meeting agenda yet to come
2013-11-26 Industrial Advisory Board At CSEM (Zurich- CH) First Industrial board - agenda to come
2013-05-17 6th month Intermediate Meeting VTT - Finland Preliminary agenda on the way
2012-12-5 Workshop of WP2 (Specifications): agenda+minutes+presentations University of Stuttgart, GERMANY Definition of design and optical specifications
2012-10-16 Kick-off meeting: agenda+minutes+presentations FEMTO-ST, UFC, 25000 Besancon, FRANCE Start of Viamos project (link to D1)