Organisation of work

The work to be performed will be organised in 7 technical workpackages with the research programme planned over a period of 38 months. The work is organised in four phases as shown in the Gantt chart (below) see fig 1:

  • Phase 1 : basic research level with definition of specifications, system design and metrology specifications of OCT microsystem.( from M1 to M14). This phase involves the WP2 which will gather input from all work package leaders to evaluate all important trade-offs for the specification and the design of the miniature OCT system proposed.

  • Phase 2 : development of individual technologies, the hardware and software building blocks as well as testing of individual components (from M2 to M28).4 workpages  are concerned from  WP3 to WP6.

  • Phase 3: system integration level with the packaging of MEMS arrays and assembling of all components in a complete OCT microsystem subjected to the agreed test plan to verify their performances.(from M 13 to M40). WP7 is mainly involved during this phase.

  • Phase 4 : technical assessment of laboratory prototype in qualifying environment aiming series of translational trials. The functional evaluation of OCT microsystem will be based on in-vitro studies (laboratory conditions) followed by in-vivo studies (performed at  the Hospital of Besançon ). This experimental validation will demonstrate if the clinical translation of this technology is promising. In parallel, the preparation of industrial exploitation will be advanced. (from M24 to M36). The concerned workpage is WP8.

Gantt  chart: time-scale of workpackages
Fig. 1. Gantt chart: time-scale of workpackages.

  The second Chart is a Pert diagram (Fig.2) which illustrates the dependences between technical workpackages and contributions from Partners.
List of Workpackages and scheduled work.

WP2 : Modelling Design and Specification from M1 to M14
WP3 : Mirau Interferometer technologies from M6 to M26
WP4 : MEMS filter from M6 to M27
WP5 : High speed camera development from M2 to M28
WP6 : Software & Control Electronics from M7 to M18
WP7 : Packaging and system integration of OCT microsystem from M13 to M30
WP8 : Technical assessment of OCT demonstrator in in-vivo models of cutaneous pathologies from M24 to M36.
WP9 : Dissemination and Exploitation from M1 to M36
WP1 : (not in the Pert Diagram) Project coordination and management from M1 to M38

Pert diagram
Fig. 2. Pert diagram.

  The third figure is a summary of  the objectives to be achieved  during the project  in relation with the scheduled work and the different contributions of Partners.

Synthesis of VIAMOS work to be realised
Fig. 3. Synthesis of VIAMOS work to be realised.